“Who is BACHI?”

BACHI passionately serves Japanese & Filipino dishes with vegan options. This passion comes from four brothers Levi Pahang, Leslie Pahang, Carlito jr. Pahang, & Basilio Pahang. All born in the the Philippines & all have experience in Japanese restaurants. Levi, Leslie, & Carlito jr. have a combined experience of 50 years in being hibachi & sushi chefs. Leslie has also been a head chef for 4 years. And of course they get all their Filipino recipes from Mama Pahang. It has been their long time dream to start their own restaurant & cook for people like they were part of the family. Thanks to their parents Marilyn & Carlito Pahang Sr. & the rest of the family, that dream has finally come true!

The Pahang Brothers

Food as a Lifestyle

“If I were trapped in one city and had to eat one nation’s cuisine for the rest of my life, I would not mind eating Japanese and Filipino. I adore Japanese and Filipino food. I love it. “

3 Big Reasons to Visit Our Restaurant…


We have an extensive range of traditional Japanese lunches and dinners, which includes all the traditional food items this country is associated with – from sushi to sashimi to Filipino dishes.


Besides cooking and serving a wide range of well-known Japanese dishes, we also focus on introducing the Westerners to all of the range of Filipino meals that the versatile Filipino culture has produced over the centuries!


Be sure that besides being delicious all of the ingredients that we’re using for preparing our dishes are fresh and absolutely healthy for you! This is especially true when we talk about the fish and seafood meals, like sushi!

Vegan & Gluten Free Dishes

We want everyone to enjoy our food so we also have several vegan dishes & sushi rolls available! Many of our menu items can also be made gluten free.

Meet our Team

BACHI is a family owned restaurant, which treasures the atmosphere just as much as the dining menu. We assembled a strong team of professionals, all of whom aspire to constantly excel and step up!

Virtual Tour!

While our virtual tours can’t yet capture how excellent the food tastes, we can capture and showcase the atmosphere which will help bring people to the restaurant to taste the food.